A celebration of the beauty of the human form by Melbourne photographers: Ray Fritz, Mark Hillyer, Bill Poon and Ross Spirou. Photography gives these artists the power to imagine and capture moments of energy, calm, grace and elegance.


Ross Spirou

Ross Spirou has a background in cooking, but the need to be with people at a more personal and creative level led him to study photography. He now uses photography to showcase the beauty of the human form, especially the beauty of men.

Bill Poon

Bill Poon was a commercial fashion and performance photographer in Melbourne. In 2015, he chose to concentrate on his passion for fine art photography. Having experienced the transition from film to digital, he now shoots solely on film and instant film. Images are rarely cropped, as Poon believes that what he sees in the viewfinder should be the viewer’s experience.

Mark Hillyer

Mark Hillyer is a retired project manager and business consultant from Melbourne. Fine art photography is a passion, and his images celebrate his philosophy that the power of photography is in the ability to capture the energy and soul of the subject in a frozen moment in time.

Ray Fritz

Ray Fritz is a Ballarat-born, Melbourne-based photographer. With a background in psychology and a working life involved in crisis and emergency management, his work naturally explores intense human experiences, either physical or emotional.


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Fourms / Fourms 2019 – Four More Celebrations of the Human Form
  • August 24, 2019 - October 20, 2019
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm