The concept of place is something everyone has. We all come from a place, exist in a place, share our place. We all have a place we make our own, whether it’s on the street, in public places or within our homes. We create space, and welcome people into it.

Photographic artist and filmmaker Erin M McCuskey, has created portraits with people in public places throughout Wendouree. She talked with residents about their concept of place, home and welcome. Through these talks, the narrative of the exhibition emerged. She filmed and photographed the subjects holding a miniature in their hand reflecting their heartfelt responses.

Erin M McCuskey grew up in a large Irish emigrant family in regional Victoria. Her love of the moving image grew from family films and transparencies created by her father, and the gatherings to view them. McCuskey works across many media, specialising in film, photography and both spoken and written word. In 1989 she established Yum Studio, a creative media company engaging with audiences through story and cinematic stylings. She has a passion for producing projects with human rights at their core, and creating media that is thought provoking and entertaining. Her short films, installations and commissions have screened both nationally and internationally, including at the Melbourne International Film Festival and White Night Ballarat.

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Erin M McCuskey / Hello Photo
  • August 24, 2019 - October 20, 2019
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm