Oliver Laric deals with issues of image reproduction and reinterpretation by capturing images floating adrift on the web. In 2008, a press agency of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards distributed all over the world a photograph of four missiles firing and exploding. With just a glimpse of the photograph, anyone could doubt its authenticity – it looked like a created image.

Laric’s work evinces how images and objects are continually modified to represent something new. The differing versions of Missile Variations address the ongoing issues of copyright. Laric’s exploration of the nature of images and objects in digital space reveals the internet as not merely a space of representation, but of direct experience, as the real world is increasingly mediated by screens.

Oliver Laric lives and works in Berlin. His work seeks to parse the productive potential of the copy, the bootleg and the remix, and examine their role in the formation of both historic and contemporary image cultures. This process is intimately tied to his intuitive, idiosyncratic brand of scholarship, which he presents through an ongoing series of fugue-like expository videos and further elaborates through his appropriated object works, videos and sculptures, all of which are conceptually layered and often make use of technologically sophisticated methods of fabrication. Straddling the liminal spaces between the past and the present, the authentic and the inauthentic, the original and its subsequent reflections and reconfigurations, Laric’s work collapses categories and blurs boundaries in a manner that calls into question their very existence.

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Oliver Laric / Missile Variations
  • August 24, 2019 - October 20, 2019
    8:00 am