Femininity is a social construct, not a biological given. Patriarchal society has linked women and nature, in binary opposition to men and culture. In this exhibition, placing her figure in the Australian landscape with a domestic item, Selina Wallace questions the link between woman and nature, and displaces expectations about femininity.

Selina Wallace is an Australian photographer who makes images that make people look, perhaps laugh, and then think. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Photography through the Open College of the Arts (UK) as well as working and bringing up a family. Photography is a chance to use her creative mind, whilst also challenging her scientific background.

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These portraits of players and referees were taken after roller derby bouts in the Adelaide Roller Derby League. Some have won, some have lost. Some look tired, some look ready to start. All of them own the space they’re in. Their skates are extensions of their feet and they’re all commanding. They assert a place in front of the camera for themselves and for their sport, which although not mainstream is a growing part of the culture. These are serious athletes: the kit is more compression tights than ripped fishnets, and they train three sessions a week for a chance at track time. Their point-scoring opportunities—the jams—last up to two minutes each, and the  weaving and blocking and pushing and racing during the 60-minute bout leaves them exhausted, elated, eager for more.

Mike Lim grew up near Kuala Lumpur and is based in Adelaide. He spends most of his office hours editing and writing online content. Lim previously ran the gallery at the Centre for Creative Photography and still occasionally teaches there.

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Selina Wallace and Mike Lim
  • August 24, 2019 - October 20, 2019
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm